Serving clients worldwide since 1992.

Established in 1992, COA Network has become an industry leader developing and deploying cutting edge telephony and web based solutions at an affordable price. These services have helped thousands of our clients to have a 'Big Business image while enjoying a Small Business Price'.

Our clients range from individuals and home based businesses to Fortune 500 companies and International organizations. Whether we provide our clients with the ability to have a simple presentation hotline for ad response or full PBX system functionality to manage a Big Business image, we make a difference!

What Makes Us Different?

As one of the first independent voicemail service providers to develop his own communications software, Paul Champaneria, our CEO and Founder, achieved landmark independence at a very early stage in the telephony industry.

This has given us an unrivaled edge over the industry as a whole. Having developed our own product we have the ability to mold and shape it to grow with the needs of the present and future. Your needs!

From time to time our clients have commented that 'they wish there was a system that could to this or do that and we make it happen for them! Since we developed the technology behind our applications we have the freedom and ability to constantly add to the functionality of what iTeleCenter can do.

We have our own internal staff of IT Professionals, Telephony Professionals, Software Developers, Web Designers, Business Analysts, Quality Assurance Analysts, Marketing Professionals and Customer Service Reps. We are ready to serve you!

In addition we maintain our very own state-of-the-art Data Center; nothing is outsourced.

Since we control it, we can guarantee quality service!

Paul Champaneria

As the founder and CEO of COA Network, Inc., Paul has driven the development and success of some of the world's leading-edge telephony and web-based services. His 20+ years of combined leadership in marketing, programming and product development for voicemail, unified messaging, conference calling and hosted communications has brought COA Network to an undisputed leadership position in business tools for direct sales, independent salespeople, home offices, small businesses, mobile sales forces and much more.

Paul's knowledge of information technology and his identification of the communication and CRM needs of businesses large and small will continue to drive COA Network's innovation and growth far into the future.

Location, Location, Location

COA Network, Inc.
991 Route 22 West, Suite 200
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

We are located in the heart of the technology corner of the northeast. We are located just an hour outside of New York City and an hour from Newark Airport.